Dr. Philip Klein

Founder and Chair

Dr. Philip Klein has over 40 years of experience in the dental profession including private practice, education and industry. Dr. Klein attended the University of Pennsylvania College of Engineering and Applied Science, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. He then went on to earn his DMD degree from Penn Dental, spent a year internship at Graduate Hospital and then earned his Post-Doctorate specialty degree in Endodontics from Penn Dental in 1985. Dr. Klein was in private practice as an Endodontic specialist for fourteen years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 1994 Dr. Klein founded and served as President and CEO of Dental Logics Inc., a research and development company specializing in endodontic and restorative products. At Dental Logics Dr. Klein patented and developed a new post system and composite material designed to repair compromised teeth. Both products were subsequently sold to an international dental company, Premier Dental Products Company. Dr. Klein currently holds three dental patents, including the IntegraPost System.

In 1999 Dr. Klein founded and served as CEO of Learn HealthSci Inc., a San Diego-based company specializing in live and on-demand streaming media using Flash Media Server and Real Player. Through the technology he developed, he was one of the earliest companies to broadcast live learning via the Internet which paved the way for Viva Learning, LLC, now the largest dental CE entity in the world.

In 2006, Dr. Klein founded Viva Learning LLC, a global e-learning company based in Austin Texas where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board. He is actively involved in new product development and technology innovation and hosts the Viva Learning Podcast Show which draws more than 25,000 listens per month. With a user base of over 300,000 dental professionals, Viva Learning LLC has taken a global leadership position in Internet-based continuing education for the dental profession.

Eric Klein


Eric Klein is the CEO of Viva Learning LLC, a position he assumed in January 2022. With a strong background in business operations, Eric has been an integral part of Viva Learning LLC since 2015. Prior to becoming CEO, he served as the company's Chief Operating Officer, where he played a pivotal role in driving growth and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Eric's passion for the dental industry and commitment to providing innovative learning solutions stems from his deep-rooted connection to Viva Learning LLC. Following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Philip Klein, who founded the company in 1999, Eric continues to carry forward the legacy of excellence and leadership.

Eric's education at University of California Santa Barbara combined with his professional background has equipped him with a solid foundation in business management. His strategic vision, combined with his ability to foster strong relationships with industry leaders, has been instrumental in continuing to position Viva Learning LLC as the leading provider of online dental education.

Eric remains dedicated to driving innovation, empowering dental professionals with cutting-edge educational resources and technology, and ensuring the continued success and growth of Viva Learning LLC.

Brian Hale

Chief Technical Officer

Brian Hale is CTO and Managing Director of Viva Learning LLC. Brian graduated from Ohio State University and Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.

From the early 1980s through the early 1990s Brian worked as an engineer in the in-flight algorithms department for the B2 Stealth Bomber. This position was followed by a stint with OR Concepts Applied, where he focused on optimization technology.

In 1996 Brian founded Sierra Web Design, a software development firm specializing in Internet-related applications. Sierra Web Design was instrumental in launching Reno Air's successful online ticketing service, and consulted for over 400 businesses around the country.

From 1999 onwards Brian has been the principal software developer and manager for Viva Learning's Internet technology. In this capacity, Brian works closely with Viva Learning's corporate clients, keeping them at the forefront of online learning and e-marketing.

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