Colgate Hires Learn HealthSci to Develop Animation-Based Training

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, a division of Colgate Palmolive, signed multiple contracts today with Learn HealthSci for the development of a series of training modules and e-details related to Colgate Total and other professional oral care products.

The contract includes the development of multimedia lunch and learn programs as well as web-based e-details. Learn HealthSci will be demonstrating the benefits of triclosan and other key Colgate formulations using both 2D and 3D animations. The development time for this program is expected to extend into Q3 of 2005.

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Dental Professional Training & Marketing

  • Company-branded CE website
  • Online CE webinars
  • Viva Academy (Online Certification Program)
  • Online Lunch & Learn Program
  • Online product videos
  • Targeted email marketing

Distributor Sales Rep Training

  • Participation in the VivaRep Network (15 dental distributor training sites)
  • Online product videos

Manufacturer Sales Rep Training

  • Company-branded, e-learning website with learning management system

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