Viva Learning Launches Viva MediaPoint to Expand Supplier e-Media Distribution

Monday, June 4, 2018

Austin, TX - Viva Learning is pleased to announce the launch of Viva MediaPoint, its newest technology platform designed specifically to expand e-media distribution for dental suppliers.

This new program strategically distributes e-marketing materials to Viva Learning's extensive and fast-growing user base by targeting four key touch points: online shoppers, distributor sales reps, dental professionals, and Special Markets. Viva MediaPoint is designed to boost product exposure at ideal points in the sales cycle, helping suppliers meet and exceed their marketing and sales goals.

"We are excited to implement Viva MediaPoint into our network of high-trafficked touch points. Our goal is to leverage our extensive library of supplier e-media in front of dental professionals, sales reps, and DSO employees as these groups utilize Viva's continuing education and sales rep training portals," says Dr. Philip Klein, CEO of Viva Learning.

About Viva Learning LLC

Viva Learning LLC, based in Austin, Texas, offers a complete outsourced solution for the development, management and hosting of enterprise-level e-learning and e-marketing solutions. Corporate clients benefit from Viva's e-learning expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, premium customer support and fast-growing online network of over 175,000 dental professionals and 7,500 dental sales reps.

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Dental Professional Training & Marketing

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  • Targeted email marketing

Distributor Sales Rep Training

  • Participation in the VivaRep Network (15 dental distributor training sites)
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