VivaRep App: A Win-Win for Reps, Customers and Suppliers

Friday, May 20, 2016

Spend a few minutes with the VivaRep App and it’s easy to see why Henry Schein Dental has chosen this as the primary mobile sales tool for their sales team. By putting the latest versions of suppliers’ media files in reps’ hands and combining this with easy access to a variety of other sales tools, the VivaRep app creates a convenient “one stop shop” for vital product information.

The VivaRep app is a cloud-based system that works on all devices—smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops—without the need to download any apps. Reps love the convenience of its single sign-on (SSO) capability, which lets them seamlessly access the app with the same login used to access a variety of other Henry Schein digital tools.

Reps Can View and Share the Latest Supplier Media with Customers

The VivaRep app puts the latest supplier media files at sales reps’ fingertips. Reps can search for information by company or category, and then tap into specific product pages. These product pages contain product descriptions as well as the most recent sales sheets, brochures, promos, “how to” guides, product demo videos, key opinion leader videos and more. All of these media files can be conveniently shared with the customer directly from the reps’ mobile device or computer.

Enables Reps to Invite Doctors to Online CE

In addition to the supplier media files, reps can also tap the CE button and invite customers to upcoming live and on-demand Viva CE webinars, sponsored by over 60 dental suppliers. Currently, Viva has over 800 hours of webinars in its library. Proven successful and cost-effective in reaching large audiences of online dental professionals, including over120,000 members to date, Viva webinars are rated the most popular among dental clinicians worldwide.

Connects to Henry Schein Dental Products, Services and Tools

The app’s home page also provides direct access to HSD-specific product pages, including Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Business Solutions, Financial Services and Exclusives. There is also a seamless single sign-on link to the various tools available through RepConnect.

Content Also Available through Henry Schein Dental Website

In addition to being available to reps through the app, suppliers’ customer-facing VivaRep app media files and CE webinars are conveniently displayed in front of Henry Schein shoppers on related HSD product detail pages. Each month over 60,000 VivaRep media file links are displayed on the Henry Schein website.

Win-Win for Reps, Customers and Suppliers

This standardized and constantly-updated content management platform for the dental industry is clearly a win-win for everyone: reps, customers and suppliers. The VivaRep app gives reps and customers easy access to the product information they need, while suppliers get cost-effective, simplified literature fulfillment, increased Viva webinar attendance and a way to ensure that reps always have the most up-to-date materials.

For more information about the VivaRep app, contact Dr. Phil Klein at

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